Sunday Happenings

Peru put in place a stricter quarantine–again. Curfew here is at 9:00 each evening, and private vehicles are prohibited on Sundays. I invited Percy and his family again and told them that a Peruvian brother would be sharing the message. I was excited that they came.

We enjoyed Jheyson Pedrahita, who came along with Simon’s, preaching for us. Alicia was able to get a combi to come. She and Percy’s family stayed for lunch.

Rafael messaged that they would be coming in the evening by bicycle. It took them an hour to get here! Poor Elisabet thought she was half dead by then.

While we waited for them to arrive, I asked Jheyson to share his life’s story with me. He has a clear testimony of the Lord leading him up to this point. His love for God is encouraging and challenging to me. I asked him if he would share it again with Rafael’s.

We had supper and then played 10,000. Now Simon’s know what that means! They’ve been curious for a while, having read the blog updates.

Rafael asked me if I’d take them home in my truck because they didn’t think they could do it by bike a second time. I didn’t want to because of the lockdown; though, I was pretty sure Izcuchaca wouldn’t be enforcing it.

To put off the decision a little, I asked Jheyson to share his story with Rafael and Elisabet. It was a little after 8:00, so I assumed we had plenty of time. But I am still learning to know Jheyson.

He shared his story, which was moving. I could tell it was connecting with Rafael and Elisabet. But then Jheyson was moved to give a salvation message on the spot. He explained about the surety of God’s love for His people and the certainty of His destruction for the disobedient.

He warned of hell and gave the hope of heaven. He talked about the deception of partial obedience and the requirements for being a child of God. Then he told them straight out that he knew God was calling them and that they needed to make a decision. And then it was 8:50!

I hurriedly thanked Jheyson and said we should leave. There was no way I could get back before curfew as it was. But then both Elisabet and then Rafael wanted to thank Jheyson for his testimony and to express their desire to know God better.

Elisabet said she was thankful to have people in her life like us who obey God not just in word but in actions. Rafael ended by saying that there are many religions, but we’re all on the same road to God. And that he’s grateful to have our friendship.

So, then I felt I need to speak. I know this is a hang up of Rafael’s. I explained that Jesus warned us that there would be many religions, but that they will not all lead to Him and to heaven. It is only complete obedience and personal relationship with Jesus that guarantees us salvation from sin and death. That all came out in my rather halting Spanish, but I think the point was made.

Then it was well and truly after 9:00. We said goodbyes and fled. Well, I fled (quietly), while Elisabet played with the children a bit then played with the puppies that are so CUTE! Apparently, she wasn’t concerned about the curfew.

On the way to town, they talked. They said they want to know God the way we know Him, but they don’t know how. They have Bibles, but they don’t know how to study or even where to start. They asked if they could come in the evenings to study with us. I was so glad to hear that!

We set a tentative idea for meeting in the next few days for our first study. I’m excited. But I know that we’ve just sent out a flare inviting the enemy to attack. Please pray for us and for Rafael and Elisabet as we look into God’s Word to discover His truth for us.

It was raining yesterday morning, just lightly. By the time we headed out for chores, it had stopped. I’ve chuckled to hear Simon’s children exclaiming, “Mom! It’s raining! AGAIN!” We’re one day from hitting our 55th consecutive day of rain.

Simon’s plan to go to Cusco today. They will be bumping around the city, doing touristy things and buying tickets for the train to Machu Picchu. It’s pretty cloudy just now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a little wet walking the streets of Cusco.

We expect to see them once more on their way home. They probably will sleep here one other night.

Setting up for church
Percy was fascinated with Caleb Crider’s Tell Me the Stories of Jesus book in Spanish.
Rafael sent updates of their bike ride over.
Learning how to play 10,000
Christine made Venezuelan tortillas for supper.
Jheyson sharing the gospel again with Rafael and Elisabet