Trip Preparations and Other Office Moments

Well, I think everything is in place for China to come. I bought the tickets last night after too much time looking at options. And then at the last minute, I clicked something wrong and said I didn’t want baggage allowances, thank you!

So, I spent part of the morning emailing the agency who told me they were glad to help me. Just let me forward you to someone else who will ultimately tell you there is absolutely nothing they can do. That’s helpful.

Next, I called LATAM directly. Somewhat miraculously, I was able to stay on hold for nearly an hour without the call being dropped. Why doesn’t that work when I’m talking to a friend from the States?

In the end, the computer could not hear my input for my credit card number. Humans are forbidden from receiving credit card info at LATAM, so I was stuck. But the lady kindly said she would hold it open in the system if someone could call from the States.

Next, I contacted a friend in the States who is experienced at being on hold with airlines. A short time later, the baggage was purchased, and I had email confirmations. Thanks, amiguita.

Meanwhile, I had located, downloaded, and sent to her all the documents China needs to fly. The only thing she lacks is a negative Covid test. She will need to take that less than seventy-two hours before she flies.

She will be required to quarantine for two weeks because she’s coming from the States, but the website says she can quarantine at her final residence. Another item to pray about. We don’t want her to have to quarantine in Cusco.

Her departure is set for next Friday, January 29 at 5:00 in the evening from Miami. Happily, she will fly directly to Lima. She should arrive in Cusco fourteen hours after departure. We could not feasibly get her on the same flight as the others from Huaral as the prices were astronomical.

Today, I also placed a curriculum order from Christian Light, which should arrive to China the first of next week. Andrew’s have some of our mail, which they are mailing to Florida for China. And we are going to try to have some coffee and cheese brought down and a high(er)-powered electric fencer (Look out, goats!).

I told China that if she can’t fit her clothes in, not to worry. We will find something for her to wear here.

Simon’s spent yesterday in Machu Picchu. They plan to be back here for supper and the night tonight before starting the homeward trek tomorrow.

Steph spent all of yesterday in various clinics, trying to get all the things done to appease the head doctor at Conchacalla. She had taken Walter in for vaccinations on Monday, and they discovered she’s expecting.

This is the same lady who tried to get us to sign a paper after Walter’s birth, pledging that we would have no more children. She lectured Steph om the dangers of pregnancy at her advanced age (34) and demanded Steph get a full battery of tests done, including an ultrasound.

We decided to go along with her requests since we want to build goodwill, and it wasn’t anything we were particularly against. Seeing as we will likely be using this posta and seeing this doctor over the next years, we want to try to be friendly and respectful as much as we can. Elisabet went with Steph while I stayed with the children.

One happy thing is that we found out that we are expecting a mujercita. That was delightful, as we had settled on a girl name but couldn’t choose a boy name. The children are a bit disappointed that we are not having twins, “But at least God answered our prayers halfway and gave us a girl!” Abbey pointed out.

We’re all excited to meet Willow Arlene in a couple of months, Lord willing. And we’re excited that China will be around to help, as well.

Continue praying. Thank you for your support.

Willow’s heartbeat