Farewell to Simon and Company

Yesterday there was more rain. We are now at 59 consecutive days with rain. The day before we had three distinct rainstorms. Anne wanted to know why it couldn’t just rain once per day and be done. Three times in succession is just too much. (The same could be said of the Hammond twins.)

I waited awhile to wake the children because it was raining, and because they’d been up the night before, enjoying one last hurrah with Simon’s children. A dozen happy children can make enough noise to curl my toenails. But I was truly happy they were enjoying each other.

Karina, the youngest girl, asked her mom, “Why we can’t stay for twenty-one more days!” I said the best time to leave is when you still want to stay. ☺️

Simon and Christina were such a joy to have here. We talked about all sorts of things and made sure to laugh lots. I was grateful they were able to step in with us so quickly and comfortably. Walter came to love Roland–probably all the children did. Roland is a natural with little people. (…teacher material)

I think Diego may have become a little weary of being so popular with Seth, Shawn, and Dane. He seems to be a quieter sort of little man, and our boys were wringing every bit out of him they could. He’ll be glad to be the only little guy again, I imagine.

Jheyson was also quite enjoyable. He is effervescence corporeal. He has a way of making even mundane things seem joyful. I instantly recognized his value to the brotherhood there in Huaral. That makes me long even more for local brothers.

Simon’s left yesterday after breakfast. They were headed to Curahuasi to visit the German Christian missionary hospital. I did not hear how that worked out for them. The director had said young children were not permitted on the tour, so my friend Walter Gamarra had offered for them to stay at his place during the tour.

After we put a few things back in order, the children got going with school, Steph began working on a cake order, and I holed up in the office. There were a few projects I needed to work on that were getting close to the deadline.

The one project I’m working on is the Loaves and Fishes prison ministry magazine. I helped the team get the latest issue to print, and now I’m working on another issue. I really enjoy that work. It’s not very many hours a month, but it keeps my editing/writing skills honed. You can find the latest issue at this link: L&F Issue 42. If you have a jail or prison ministry, maybe you’d find this magazine useful.

I also had a few things to do to get ready for China’s arrival. It is now less than a week until her flight arrives. That is hard to believe. The children do not know she’s coming yet. I think we may actually be able to pull off a surprise this time. I am working hard at not worrying about closing borders. China has her appointment for her Covid test lined up. I think everything else is in order. Thank you for those who sent messages of prayer support.

Simon shared pictures from Huaral.
Christine offered to sew for Steph.
Singing after supper. We always love having more voices.
Time to go
I don’t think they rode this way all the way to Huaral.