Quiet Weekend

Yesterday was spent with normal Saturday stuff. I worked on sermon prep and some other office work while the others did the Saturday cleaning. Steph finished up the cake order and prepped food for Sunday.

The children are doing school six days a week this month. I wanted to gain some lessons in order to have things done by summer. With them doing both English and Spanish lessons, alternating every other day, they have more to get done in a year’s time.

This has taken a lot of time for all of us, but I think it will pay off in the end. We are looking forward to having China here to help; though, we haven’t yet talked about how to split up duties.

Speaking of China, the children still don’t know she’s coming. I almost let the cat out of the bag when I prayed for her the other day. Anne asked immediately afterward if she was coming now. I told her that we will have to keep praying for God to bring Aunt China when He sees best. Abbey said as long as it’s before Willow gets here, that’s all that matters!

China has her Covid test scheduled for Wednesday with results to arrive on Thursday followed by her flight on Friday. We’re praying about the hoops she needs to jump through. China told us she feels blessed with how doors have been opening along the way. She senses God is making a way for her.

Today, we were alone. It’s been quite a few weeks now since we had a service with only our family. We missed the interaction with others, for sure, but it did make for a less hectic day.

We spent the evening reading. When Simon’s came, they brought a book order I’d made. Everyone is well set with books for awhile. We’ve had to watch that the books don’t walk upstairs because the girls will read through the night, especially Anne.

We made it past 60 days of consecutive rain. I’m a bit surprised. I figured there would be one day along the way to break it up. Steph caught a picture of a double rainbow this evening. We still have God’s promise of care.

Steph had fun making this little fondant man.
Our little church
Steph made a pork leg Percy gave us for Christmas.