Wednesday Waiting

Steph was pretty worn out after her trip to Cusco on Tuesday. I had warned her that I thought it was too much, but she insisted she was up to it. I did not tell her that I’d told her so because I’m kind that way.

She rested the better part of the morning after breakfast. Then we moved our living room chair out to the kitchen so she could be with us while we baked. The girls helped me after school.

I also made another batch of yogurt, as we were nearly out. I’m drying off the cow and the goats, so our milk production is going down. We won’t have fresh yogurt all the time after that.

Estrella is due in April. I’d like her to build up her weight. Percy said they usually have them dry for five to six months. I think that’s due to how much body condition animals lose during the dry season.

I have one goat due soon. She should give us fresh milk for drinking over the next couple of months. I have two goats that should be due in April. Then all the rest should come fresh after May.

And then it will be winter and dry season. No more green and no more rain. We’ll miss it. Last night, the wind and rain felt as if it would take the rooves off. The lecheros little shed especially sounded like it was ready to fly away.

Did you know that north of us in Venezuela there is a lake that receives the most lightning strikes per square kilometer per year? We must not be far behind here during rainy season.

Yesterday afternoon, Dane and I went to the house of José to get suero. They said to be there at 12:00 on the dot if we wanted to catch them as they were getting the whey off.

I waited until 1:30, knowing their actual pattern. They were not quite ready to fill up the buckets. They told us to wait one minute. Half an hour later, they told me I could bring the buckets in and fill them.

After dropping off the suero at home, I took bread in to Rafael’s and Sra. Ester. Dane stayed home to take a nap. I also took in a kitten for Rafael. He had wanted a male from the first batch, but we had promised them all away. He was happy to get one this time. He named him Ramses, after the Pharaoh.

Rafael is planning to ride with me to the airport Saturday to pick up China. She arrives around 7:00, Lord willing. Elisabet told him he could go if he was back in time to do deliveries.

They are planning to be at our place Sunday morning to study. They couldn’t make it work last week. Because of the ban on personal vehicles over the weekends, they will have to bike 5.5 miles to get here. Elisabet thinks that is too far, but they did it two weeks ago.

We learned yesterday that Peru is going back into a modified lockdown on January 31. That will close down various types of businesses and will prohibit various gatherings. Also, personal vehicles will be prohibited more as well as travel.

Thankfully, China is to arrive on January 29, Lord willing. Last night she messaged that her Covid test was negative. We are rejoicing about that.

We can’t think of anything more she needs to have in order to come. She printed off multiple copies of her documents last night. Today she packs. Tomorrow she flies.

Thank you for your prayer support.

P.S. The children are still unaware. Though, Anne told me she is hoping Aunt China can be here in February for Anne’s birthday on the 16th. 🙂

Banana cupcakes
Waiting at Jose’s
We sat in the grass to wait.
Dane found some toys in the weeds, so he passed the time with those.
Loading up the buckets
Ramses having supper at the store