China Flies Today

With her bags packed, her documents printed, and her goodbyes given, China left home last night. Dad and Mom drove her down to Miami and planned to stay overnight so they could get to the airport in time. They were taking no chances of missing the flight due to travel complications.

China has never flown internationally or traveled alone before. Unless I’m mistaken, the only flights she’s taken have been over Florida in my brother-in-law’s plane. I expect this will be different. I think she’s brave.

We are grateful that the doors have been open and that details have come together so well for her. She says she is so grateful for how God is working this out. She knows she’ll miss folks in the States, but she’s very excited about where God is taking her.

Please pray for her travels today. I’m asking God to give her sweet people to work with who’ve already had their coffee. It’s hard enough to understand the heavily accented English without it being muffled by multiple masks and face shields.

She is set to fly out of Miami this afternoon to arrive in Lima tonight after 10:00. Her flight to Cusco is early tomorrow morning. We hope to see her at the airport around 7:00.

Change of subject: What difference does focus make? You’ve heard things like “mind over matter” and “the power of positive thinking” and so on. What is the biblical truth behind that?

A friend and I have been discussing that. Following is something that came up in our conversation:

“I have friends who share quotes and verses on WhatsApp.

“Something that suddenly jumped out at me a few weeks back was the content. For example, I have a friend who is always discouraged. Life is so hard, they feel alone and sad and hurt and so on.

“That person’s quotes reflect that. They post verses like “this poor man cried” and “tears have been my food day and night” and “God is my help in trouble” and quotes like “you must go through the fire…”

“Another friend is victorious, always smiling and singing and helping others. They post verses like “the joy of the Lord is my strength” and “rejoice in the Lord always” and “fear not, I have overcome the world” and quotes like “a gratitude attitude is what makes every day a good day” and “Mondays are gifts from God.”

“Both of these people have the same Bible, the same God, and a lot of the same circumstances or opportunities, but they have different focuses.

“What we focus on determines our outlook, our choices, our life, really. If we focus on the troubles, we will be discouraged. If we focus on failures, we will keep failing. However, if we set our minds on heavenly things, we will have a heavenly life.

“Life doesn’t change, but we do. What we take into our minds and what we choose to think on makes us who we are. It takes discipline to choose joy and victory. It’s not magic or accidental. It’s a choice.”

So, to you, my question is, how true is that? Does our focus make a difference? Can we choose that? Or is that something happy people tell sad people to try to get them to change? Let me know.

Cards China handed out to friends
Dad and China
Mom and China