Moving School

Yesterday morning, Steph and China did school together so China could see how we’ve been doing things (and where we need to improve). I spent the morning in the office.

Before lunch, I took time to write out the school schedule for February. It is somewhat nice that China can start at the beginning of a month. That will be easier to transition into, I think. It’s also helpful that she has a few years of teaching experience; she knows what she’s doing.

Dane sat with China and helped her learn a few helpful phrases in Spanish. After each meal, we go around the table with everyone saying something good they noticed someone else had done. That is said in Spanish to give us practice each day. By lunch time, China was able to say her own “goodness” in Spanish.

After naps, we moved the children’s school books up to the upper house. They will be having school up there instead of here. The mission board is also looking for another young lady to be here along with China. If that happens, the ladies would end up staying in the other house. But for now, it will simply be the school house.

We spent longer than we thought we would prepping the school room, so supper was late. But with supper and devotions over, we went back to school.

We plan to be working through Christian Light’s Spanish course over the next while with China. It should be a good refresher for Steph and me, and hopefully it will be a boost for China’s learning. The idea is that we will do that after supper Monday through Friday when there is no company.

Today is the first day of “school” since we’ve been here. The children are all excited to leave homeschooling behind. Anne, Abbey, and Dane will go up first thing in the morning. Shawn will go up after 10:30; he is doing some preschool work, including the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Days.

So, our four oldest are in school. Should we feel old at all?

Teaching the teacher 😉
Loading up school
Spanish night school