Piglets and Kids

We’ve been waiting a long while for the pig to farrow. I had neglected to write her date down, so we had only an idea of when she was due. For the past two weeks, it has looked like she was ready to pop.

And finally, she did! The children were all delighted. China was also pleased to be able to be here for the experience.

There were ten piglets in total, but one is less than half as big as the others. I fear he will not make it. He wouldn’t nurse, so we gave him a bottle. After that, he perked up, so he went back in with his mom. I’m not sure how he’ll do.

The other nine piglets are big and strong. About half of them are males. They’re all black except two orange females.

We’ve also been waiting on Agnes to kid. I did have a date for her, but she went over a week past her due date. She acted like she was ready to kid on her due date, but with us all watching, she decided to wait.

I guess all she needed was inspiration from the pig. I staked her so she could see the pig, and it was only half an hour later that she kidded. We thought she had been acting uncomfortable earlier.

She had twins, a buck and a doe. These are still from Merry, our black buck that we sold. They look a lot like him; though, they are not pure black like he was.

The doeling will go to our Patron, Ruth. She had formerly owned the little brown doe I bought at market. But with time, we learned she was a sheep in goat’s clothing, so we sold her. Ruth is still thinking of a name for the doeling.

Agnes is healthy and has a delightfully full udder. I’m looking forward to milking her. Her milk should carry us through the next few months while the other does are dry.

Alice, Ingrid, and Barbara are all supposed to be due in about two months. Ingrid never settled last year, so I’m really hoping she did this time. The other does should kid in May and June, Lord willing.

Abel called yesterday. I’ve been trying to reach him for weeks to see when he’ll be done with the upper cabinets. He had told me he would have them done before New Year’s.

He said yesterday he plans to be done this week… or so. But he wondered if Steph could make a cake for him. We decided to do that. We can be kind, even if he can’t keep his word.

Steph did a delightful job with the cake, unsurprisingly. But she said if she does another like it, she’s charging double.

Waiting for piglets
Feeding the runt a bottle
The buckling has white socks, the doeling has black.