No Lights

It was raining yesterday morning, so we did chores a touch late. The children think it should rain every Saturday morning. They love snoozing on the couch or reading while we wait on the rain. We are now at 74 days of consecutive rain.

We had a lightning storm yesterday afternoon, causing the electricity to go off. I was glad I had my studying done that morning.

We did chores without lights, but that didn’t really matter because it was bright outside. We all stayed out a bit extra because it was gloomy in the house.

Supper was by candlelight, which the girls thought was just delightful. We’re thankful for a gas stove in times like these. Our leftover pizza was nice and hot.

Steph and China took showers, again thanks to a gas water heater. I decided I would rather wait than take a shower in pitch black. I didn’t want to accidentally use girl shampoo!

The children and I spent awhile running about the house, crashing into each other and growling like wild monsters. Did you know monsters will tickle you if they catch you?

Once the children were properly wound up, and Steph was nearly beside herself with distraction, I said it was time for bed. The children could not tell they were going to bed early, so it was a fairly quiet affair.

Somewhere around 2:00 in the morning, all the lights in the house came on–reportedly. Steph was awakened and went to shut some of them off. Walter was awakened and could not go back to sleep, so he ended up in our bed. Anne and Abbey were awakened, so Anne reset their alarm for 5:00 (Why don’t you set for 7:00 while you can? Abbey’s plea.) I was not awakened.

Setting sun (Yes, it looks like China is hiding so she doesn’t have to chore.)
Walter and Steph supervising
Singing while choring
Putting Glenda to bed
Jumping over the creek until it got dark
Walter was sad that he could only watch the jumping.
All the piggies ready for the night
Supper time