Butchering Birds – Pt. 2

It is still raining. China wonders if it will ever stop. Percy says this is even more rain than he remembers for other summers, which is interesting because it was so dry to begin with.

Levi’s tell a story of when they lived here and there was so much rain that they were surrounded by water. We don’t have that much, but the front yard has a small pond in it now. Today, the ditch at the back of the house covered over our little foot bridge.

The ducks have been loving all the rain as much as the goats hate it. We had raised up a batch of a couple dozen ducks, but we hadn’t been able to sell them. We were told they were the wrong kind though I haven’t yet figured out which are the right kind.

I decided it was time to butcher them because they were going through a lot of feed. Percy and Lucrecia said they would help.

We’ve also been having some trouble with our roosters. Our biggest one has always been very aggressive. He would try to attack us through the fence. Sometimes he would get out and chase the children. Shawn was in dread fear of him. So, we decided to butcher the three biggest roosters and leave one young one with the hens.

We didn’t start until after naps. That allowed the children to get school done and Percy to do some things in town. Percy, Lucrecia, and their daughter Mileni helped butcher while Pedro played with Seth and Shawn. China took care of Walter at first until Lucrecia took him on her back in a manta.

Anne and Abbey caught the birds. I took off their heads. Then we took them inside to dip in boiling water before plucking them. Steph was able to help a little while, but then her hands wouldn’t permit her anymore.

The birds were all thinner than we expected, having deceived us with lots of feathers. I don’t know how much feed we would have needed to pump into them to get them fat!

But we did get a nice amount of meat. Lucrecia and Mileni were excited about the gizzard, so we sent some home with them. They want to make a gizzard soup. We kept some liver and heart to fry up sometime.

We now have a dozen birds in the freezer. They aren’t nearly as heavy as what we normally buy, but they will still make good meals for us.

We invited Percy’s for supper. Lucrecia had to go be with her grandmother who has failing health, but everyone else had spaghetti with us. After devotions and cleaning up the kitchen, they went home. It was a long day.

Thankfully, the lights stayed on the whole time. We’ve lost power numerous times recently. The children enjoy doing things by candlelight, but we may run out of candles if it keeps up.

Finding dishes in the dark. Anne is holding a candle.
Supper time
Catching the birds
My job with the machete
Hauling birds inside
Percy dipping a bird into the pot
Cleaning off the pin feathers
Walter is happiest in a manta.
Naked ducks. Seth peeking in the window.
Cutting up meat
Bagging and cleaning
Into the freezer