Garden Work

Yesterday we had a full morning of sunshine, so I spent it in the garden. It was pretty wet, but not too muddy. Shawn helped me a little, but the weeds were mostly too big for him to get out.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve thought to myself pretty well every day that I need to get out to weed, but I’ve been too occupied when it wasn’t raining. The weeds took the opportunity to become gigantic.

Despite the ginormous weeds, I did get the lettuce and spinach bed cleaned and the next section started. Dane came out and helped me after school, and together we made a nice dent in the next section.

If it’s not raining tomorrow afternoon, I would like to work on the corn patch. The peas we planted among the corn are about a foot high now.

We’ve been enjoying having fresh lettuce for salad. There are so many good salads to eat, and we have the veggies available for them. With fresh lettuce handy just outside, we can have salad more often.

This afternoon I had the girls and Dane each pull another full five-gallon bucket of weeds. That was another nice stride in the project. I miss my mulch garden quite a bit, but I’m happy for what I have. And I’m tickled the neighbor’s pigs and sheep can’t get in.

We had another lightning storm this afternoon. The house shook with thunder and lost power again. But we were rewarded with beautiful, full double rainbows.