Tomorrow Is Anne’s Birthday

I woke this morning to more rain. We are at the 82nd consecutive day now. But by mid-morning, the clouds were cleared away enough to allow the sun out. It turned out to be a warm and pretty day.

I spent the morning in the bodega, working on a birthday gift for Anne. She wants to raise either rabbits or guinea pigs, so I’m putting together a pen.

I had gotten the wire a couple weeks back, and I’m using wood from an old chick pen. The work took longer than I thought it might, but it wasn’t too difficult, of course. I thoroughly enjoyed using my tool set from my dad-in-law, especially the saw.

Seth and Shawn helped me until Shawn had to go up to school, leaving me with Seth. Working with Seth, I am often reminded of a squirrel… with ADHD… that just ate a bag of candy… and drank a Red Bull. Case in point: After handing me a nail, he grabbed handfuls of them and threw them into the air, surprised when they came crashing down onto his head: “Ow! Ow! Dat hurt! Dey hit me!”

It is no wonder I installed the door vertically instead of horizontally. I’ll fix that tomorrow.

Dane and Shawn came out to join us after school. We made a bit more progress, then Percy arrived. He’s been away for most of the past two weeks, working on harvesting some crops up in the mountain. We made plans for the rest of the week, during which he hopes to work here again.

Steph worked on Anne’s cake. Anne had wanted a pony for her birthday, but we said no. Her consolation was to ask for a horse cake. She’s pretty pleased.

He stood there and shrieked and shrieked as the boards wobbled.
Creating the horse