Happy Birthday, Anne!

Our oldest is now ten. That’s an interesting feeling. We had an enjoyable evening with Percy’s family and Rafael’s.

Rafael’s had wanted to buy a piñata for Anne, but then Rafael called at 5:00 to ask if I could. Then when I got to town, Elisabet insisted she would, so I took her downtown to get it before heading back. Communication is a beautiful thing. We were late to the party–but so was everyone else, so we fit in.

Each of the ladies gave Anne a little gift, which was very sweet of them. The children were delighted with the piñata.

Elisabet bought special candles for Anne’s cake. No matter how hard she blew, they would not stay out! It was hilarious.

I finished the bunny pen. That was also funny because Percy had found the pieces I’d framed up yesterday and had “surprised” me by putting them all together this morning during chores. I was touched that he’d been kind, but he literally put every piece in the wrong place.

When he went home for breakfast, I took it all apart and then put it back together. I had to laugh.

The finished bunny pen
Gathering for the piñata
Scrambling for candy
Lighting the candles on the cake
Opening gifts