Quick Run to Town

I wanted to write about the crazy wild goat I bought, but I realized I have no pictures of her. I’ll have to write about her tomorrow. Her name is Fran, and her kids are Jacob and Esau.

Then I wanted to write about the garden. The squash is so pretty. The lettuce and spinach is growing incredibly well. And I found a couple okra plants when weeding. But I also have no pictures of that.

But I do have a few pictures of my run to town. I needed to go in to buy some roofing metal to replace the roof on the back side of the barn. I didn’t get any pictures of the new metal or of Percy tearing off the old stuff, but for some reason, I took a few random photos while waiting in line at the bank agent’s office.

I’ll try to get those other pictures tomorrow.

Washing station outside the bank agent’s office
Little old lady selling her potatoes by the door
Street filled with vendors
Man up the street mowing with a weed-eater
Piglets enjoying the sunshine while their metal roof is off