An Office Day

I spent the majority of the day doing office work–and wishing for faster internet speeds. I am thankful for what I do have. The electricity went off more times than I tracked today, which made things even more of a frustration.

China had brought a laptop down that a friend from the States is loaning me, but I had not yet moved things over to it. Today pushed my migration. It was rather nice this afternoon to watch the lights flicker off while my project stayed live on the computer.

After breakfast, I ran Steph and Walter to the clinic in Conchacalla for a checkup. Then an hour later, I ran back to get them. That was the extent of my outside activity besides chores. Walter is terribly afraid of the posta because he knows that’s where he gets vaccines.

I did not get pictures of Percy working on the barn, but he finished the last of it today. Hopefully, all we will need to do is keep it maintained for a few years now.

After school, I had Dane go take pictures of the garden, so I do have those to share. I’m pretty excited about all the buds on the yellow squash I found when weeding yesterday.

The milking this morning went somewhat more smoothly than yesterday, but Fran is still the wildest goat I have ever worked with. Thankfully, her kids are not wild, being only three or four days old now.

Also, news of note: No rain! On this Tuesday and Wednesday we had no rain, so the streak is broken. We made it to 82 days with rain. Now today we had rain again, but we should begin seeing breaks from here on out.

Going out to the stand
…and up…
…and in.
Refusing to be milked
Teaching her to stand by keeping a bucket under her chest
Walter is scared of the posta because he doesn’t want more shots.
Percy hilled the corn without being asked.
The squash plants
The peas in the corn