Field Trip to Market

As promised, I took Anne to market to go rabbit hunting. Dane and Shawn and China came along. We went right after breakfast.

It wasn’t quite as muddy in market as it had been since we’ve had two dry days. We walked up and down rows of vendors, most of them selling chickens and guinea pigs.

We found several vendors selling bunnies. The trouble was that each one she came to was the one Anne thought she wanted. We finally settled on a male and female that should compliment each other nicely. They are both mature, so Anne is excited to wait for babies by the end of March.

I also ticked off a few things from my list that I’ve been wanting to try. With a bit more hunting, I settled on a pair of young turkeys, a pair of geese, and a pair of guinea pigs. Old Macdonald had a farm…

The geese are to help protect the chickens. We have some predators that the dogs don’t notice at times. The geese should help keep our layers safe.

The turkeys are partially a project and partially a preparation for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Some neighbors say they will raise keets. I’d like to give that a try. But if it doesn’t work out, we can use the meat.

The guinea pigs are just a hobby. I want to try raising some to sell. We enjoyed our piggies in the States, so it will be fun to have them again. But we might be able to cover some feed costs with the sale of offspring. We’ll see.

I nearly bought some more bull calves, but I decided to delay that a week or two. I do need to keep purchasing some along the way if we want to be selling them later.

I have between twelve and fifteen goat does bred for this upcoming season from April to June. That should give us a nice batch of kids to sell from, hopefully moving a couple older does off the farm and keeping better replacements. Every little bit contributes to the possibility of having the farm support itself. Bit by bit.

Anne with a birthday bunny
With our spoils
Trying out the new pen
Now I need to build another pen.
About ready to have babies
And the pair of guard geese