Rafael and Elisabet Came to Church

Rafael messaged me the night before to say they would be here early this time. It was nice that they were only an hour late, then.

We had breakfast and talked awhile before they asked when we would have the message. It was five minutes before 10:00. They asked if they could join us for church.

That is significant to me for multiple reasons. It is the first time they’ve joined us after many invitations. But they told us that they are facing pressure from their family not to become Christian and not to attend services. It is noteworthy that they are choosing to go against the flow.

I preached about the life of John the Baptist. They said they had never heard that story before. After the message, we sat and talked a bit more. They still seem eager to learn.

They played jump rope with the children while Steph and China finished lunch preparations. After lunch, they offered to wash the dishes for us. That was another first kindness from them. Rafael kept dropping dishes; Elisabet said it was because he isn’t accustomed to doing them.

They left then after thanking us for the message. Keep praying.

After supper, we played Sardines. I think that may be the children’s favorite Sunday evening game. Steph helped Walter to hide one time. Funnily, he was more quiet than the older children.

Seth took a turn hiding alone. We all found him. He was standing in the middle of the laundry room with his eyes tightly shut. Apparently, we couldn’t see him if he couldn’t see us.

Abbey was rather fearful of jumping at first.
Rafael and Anne jumping at the same time.
Yes, it’s raining again.
Elisabet read Caleb Crider’s Tell Me the Stories of Jesus (in Spanish) to the children. They thought it was beautiful.
Rafael carved our tiny duck that we called Jorge.
Washing dishes
Steph made dresses for Percy’s girls, and they wore them yesterday.
Soft pretzels and popcorn tradition for supper

P.S. Another podcast episode was released. This time about personalities. On Apple On Google On Spotify