Farm Work

With some sunny days, it has been nice to work outdoors some more. I spent a bit of time in the office this morning, sending out a sermon. Then I spent the rest of the day outside.

Percy is working on building a cage for the guinea pigs. I want to get the female moved into her own cage this week because she looks ready to pop. I don’t want her fighting with the male after she has the babies.

While Percy worked in the bodega, Seth and I worked on cleaning out the chicken house. I could feel a bit of allergies reacting, so I made sure to take something before we moved to the goat pen.

Everyone came out to help for awhile, but we didn’t have enough shovels to keep everyone busy. China helped me finish up right at evening chore time.

It always feels good to have the pens clean. With the new roof on the goat pen, we should be able to keep that even cleaner. It was somewhat muddy in places before.

I am happy that Fran, the newest goat, has calmed down enough that she is eating on the stand and doesn’t need to be held up. I milked her once without her legs being tied, and it went pretty well. She is assimilating much more quickly than I’d hoped.

Fran happily eating on the stand after a week
Seth helping me scrape the chicken pen floor.
Chicken overseeing the cleanup
The guinea pig cage frame
Percy’s project
Cleaning party
Needing a break
Spic and span