Cough! Hack! Achoo!

Yesterday I worked at cleaning out the pig pen, the milking pen, and the buck pen. As I’d done the day before, I took allergy medication before starting on my projects.

After lunch, I went to sell bread. China came along. We first went to visit Alicia, taking our last kitten to her. She had asked for a female.

We had to wait for her a little because she was way up in a tree at her neighbor’s, catching a chicken that had escaped. When I’m well into my sixties, I wonder if I’ll be climbing trees.

We stayed and chatted with her awhile. She showed us her garden and her turkeys and her guinea pigs. When she found out we had guinea pigs, she said we must take two females from her batch. She has a couple dozen right now. So, our guinea pig population doubled!

I happen to be allergic to guinea pigs, despite really enjoying them. These two stayed in my warm truck for the next couple hours as we did bread stops and a little shopping. By supper, I was miserable, sneezing and coughing and blowing my nose like crazy.

I took another allergy pill, but it didn’t seem to touch it. Steph made me French cocoa as a comfort. About 10:00, things began clearing up. My eyes weren’t bloodshot and wildly itchy anymore. I took another antihistamine and went to bed.

This morning I feel slightly groggy, but my eyes are normal. My face is only slightly puffy. I went to check on the guinea pigs, but I did not pet them.

The supervisor
Pig pen done
Alicia’s turkeys
Alicia’s puppies
Stopped here for feed containers for the guinea pigs
New guinea pig cage
The little sneezers