Mechanic in Cusco

The truck has been having some vibration in the front suspension. This is hardly surprising, given how frequent and severe the road bumps are around here.

Walter Parea uses a mechanic in Cusco who is a Christian. I figured if Walter is willing to travel three hours to do his mechanic work there, he’s probably a good mechanic.

Percy helped me by calling the mechanic to explain what the issue was because I don’t know the terms for all the parts–in Spanish or English. Percy then wanted to go with me to drop off the truck to be sure it was taken care of properly.

I also wanted to look for saw blades for my reciprocating saw and universal tool. There are none in Izcuchaca. I also wanted to find a planer for a project coming up soon.

China hadn’t been to Cusco yet, so we decided to have a school day off. Next week would be a scheduled vacation week, so we’re going to borrow a day.

We didn’t leave Izcuchaca until 10:30 because we’d gone to market and looked for young bulls. We did not find any at the price we wanted, but we did buy a goat doeling and two puppies.

In Cusco, we met up with the mechanic who went with us down to buy the parts we needed for the truck. He’s a very cheerful man named Javier who reminds me a lot of Jheyson from Huaral, always laughing. Javier and Percy took the truck back to the mechanic shop to be picked up another day.

China and I huffed and puffed up the hills of Cusco before finding a taxi. We went to Promart and found the tools I wanted, but they did not have any blades. They said they can’t get any because shipments have stopped. So, if anyone comes to visit, please bring saw blades along. 🙂

We then did some grocery shopping for Steph in the supermarket since we were in Cusco. Once we were fully loaded down with bags, we headed out. It was just beginning to rain when we caught a taxi across town. We were extremely thankful for the timing because it became a downpour.

Rafael had two sick cats that he wanted me to look at, so we stopped at the store, and he took us the rest of the way home. I gave the cats shots and sent him on his way.

I’d found some fun-looking Ramen noodles at the supermarket. They were about 30 cents each, so we got a variety of flavors and had a special supper when we got home.

The puppies, Mocha and Shiloh
The goat, Cleona
The mechanic driving us to parts store
Waiting on the worker to test the planer
Rain water running down the streets
And covering the sidewalks
My special supper