Sunday Bible Study

Today I chose to use a Spanish sermon by Delmar Martin that is on the Anabaptist Resources website. It was about how to combat spiritual discouragement. I had planned to call into the States to listen to the message there, but despite many attempts, we could not get through.

So, we listened to Delmar’s sermon. I translated for China, which I somewhat enjoyed doing. I think I got more out of the message today that way.

We enjoyed a long nap before Rafael’s came in the afternoon. After a snack together, we continued our study in the Book of John. We finished with chapter six today.

We had some good discussion about the woman at the well as well as the religious leaders who were critical of Jesus. That led us to the love chapter again where we talked about what it means to be changed to have a heart like Jesus.

Rafael and Elisabet continue to read on their own. They are enjoying using a version that is in their everyday language. They say studying the Bible is actually fun now that they are understanding it.

Thank you for your continued prayers for them.

In unrelated news, the guinea pig went into labor this morning. She had one baby, but it died. It appears she has more to come, but she stopped her labor and hasn’t had any more. We’re a little worried that something is wrong, and she might not make it. We’ll have to see how she’s doing in the morning.

Walter likes Shiloh.
The only guinea pig baby
Studying together