Situation Normal

Today was a long day of office work. I barely strayed from the desk, even working a couple of hours after supper. I did step outside for ten minutes this morning to check on the children who were working in the garden.

This is their week off after six weeks of school. Actually, it turned out to be eight weeks this time because I had forgotten to write the vacation week in, but no one complained.

I made contact with the hospital in Curahuasi today. We’re hoping to get over there this week for a checkup for Steph. She is now at twenty-four weeks. Everything seems to be fine so far.

Speaking of babies, the guinea pig did have two more babies this morning, two males. She still doesn’t look empty, but maybe she’s finished. It was a surprise to me that she had them over such a long period. These two are about half the size of the first one that died. Maybe it was just too big.

The pig was happy to see me this morning.