Garden and Grass Work

Yesterday and today was spent cleaning up the garden and beginning to cut the pasto or hay. We had planted a mixture of rye grass, alfalfa, oats, and other things. It is nice and high now.

We’re going to try to dry a bit of it, but the rest we will store wet and chopped. I’m hoping it will last awhile, but we plan to get more corn silage stored, also.

We will soon open up the stored corn we had chopped a couple months back to see how it’s keeping. That should give us an idea how we might need to change up our methods, if at all.

We will have grass for a couple months yet, but we will likely need between three and five months of stored feed for all the animals to last through the dry season.

A lot of animals around here lose much of their weight during the dry season, slowly starving as the grass dies off. Then they must recuperate their fat stores during the rainy season. It makes for weaker, more sickly animals.

We saw good results from feeding our animals last dry season and hope that we can improve on that for this year. With Percy’s help, I’m excited to see our results.

We found a frog, which scared Percy and Lucrecia spitless. Frogs are terrifically bad luck here. They looked at me in shocked amazement as I picked it up without fear. They were horrified that the children played with it. I think they’re supposed to be a portent of death, but I told them that God made them to be our friends. Only Nehemías was brave enough to touch the frog, but only for a split second.