Working on China’s Room

I spent the whole day working on patching holes in the walls in the south guest room. There were also numerous holes in the ceilings. I am pretty sure I managed to fill 80% of them before I ran out of spackling.

I thought I had a sanding block, but we looked everywhere to no avail. The children did find two tee-iny pieces of sandpaper, so I sanded for a too long time. Please do not look closely at my sanded, spackled places.

I then started painting. Because of how stained the ceiling is, I decided to paint it beige. Except, the paint turned out to not be as brown as I was expecting. It is not salmon red. It isn’t. It’s a lovely terra cotta.

But we decided to go with it. China came up and helped me cut in the ceiling. Apparently, it was not primered. I’m pretty sure I could almost hear the ceiling gurgling as we put paint on.

Tomorrow, we hope to begin painting the walls. Barring catastrophes–how does one bar catastrophes?–we could have the first coat everything tomorrow.