Our Pig Died

She started running around in circles in her pen, then she keeled over. Dead as a door nail.

That was shortly before 6:00. I went to ask Percy if we should butcher her. We decided to, and they all offered to come help. They had company who offered to come along.

They asked what is going on with us that we had two big losses two days in a row. “What will happen tomorrow?!” one of the ladies asked. I told them I didn’t know, but that we should try to listen to the Lord to see what we could learn.

I’m thankful the piglets are old enough to have started eating other food. They should survive. We hope.

Steph and China whipped up a meal for everyone, which they thoroughly enjoyed. They’re was lots of prep work to do, so we passed the time with that until the food came.

I’d never butchered a pig myself, so I didn’t know how to go about it, but they were old pros. We boiled a bunch of water then wrapped the pig in plastic and poured boiling water over it. That loosened the hair and outer skin, which we scraped off.

With six adults working, we finished just before midnight. The carcass we stored in the laundry room for the time being. Percy recommends selling the whole thing. We shall see.

Boiling water
Rolling the pig in boiling water
Scraping the skin
Once it was scraped, we scrubbed and washed it with laundry soap.
Rest in peace