Curahuasi Trip for Baby Checkup

Because I am without a driver’s license, Percy offered to take us to Curahuasi for Steph’s appointment yesterday. It was less costly to pay him his daily wage for the trip anyway, so I was willing to take him up on the offer. The busses leave too late to have arrived on time at 10:00.

Poor Steph. She does not do well with curvy trips, but she seems to be especially sensitive to nausea this pregnancy. We had to stop to let her out about an hour along, and then she suffered again upon arrival at the hospital.

Then we had the pleasure of receiving our first ever Covid test. Steph seemed to do better with it than I did. Is it really necessary to have brain fluid on the swab in order to test for the virus?

They then took us into the emergency room. I was confused as to why, but a lot of things were topsy turvy since last time we’d been there. They’d rearranged various things due to handling the virus situation.

After some waiting, we were able to talk to a nurse. I explained that we had an appointment with the obstetrician for a routine pregnancy checkup. The nurse went away awhile and came back to say there had been some confusion. She made sure Steph was not injured or bleeding to be sure she didn’t need the emergency room, then we moved out to the general waiting room to wait our call.

When we were called, I had to pay $3 for her checkup. We saw the gynecologist first. He ordered an ultrasound just because. I had to pay $1 more for that. We went to the sonologist before going to the midwife.

Everything looks great. They said the baby is a good size at 680 grams at 25 weeks. The midwife was pleased with everything. All of Steph’s vitals were spot on.

Percy was waiting when we came out around 1:00. We went to Walter’s for lunch before heading home. Percy went much more slowly on the way home, prolonging the misery but avoiding another stop for vomiting.

We have another appointment in a month. Poor Steph. We wish we could just have the baby at home, but we’re glad for the option of a midwife since we can’t.

Steph, being miserable in the distance
The hospital
Waiting for our tests
We met Jonathan Yoder, a Mennonite doctor from Alabama who arrived just yesterday to serve for six months.
We stopped on the way home so Percy could buy fresh avocados.