Paint and More

I’m back to working on China’s room. The goal is to be finished before she leaves six months from now.

I did some sanding and smoothing of the walls and ceiling before painting the ceiling. The paint went on rather orange, which was a bit stressful, but it dried fairly light and sandy-colored. That’s what I wanted.

I was then ready to move on to cutting in the walls. China came and helped for the afternoon. We are doing two colors, alternating walls with a deep clay red and a light minty green. All the cutting is done for the red. In pictures it looks more red than in person where it is definitely more earthy.

Today, I plan to roll the red walls and cut the green. China might get some rolling done in the afternoon. There actually is a high chance the room will be done this week.

Percy is working on building a stand-alone closet. He’ll be doing one for each bedroom, but we’re starting with China’s room. There are no places to hang dresses.

Rafael’s did not come for Bible study on Sunday because they were with family. They asked to come last evening, but they didn’t show up. Consistency and discipline are perhaps the hardest parts of a commitment to God.

We are supposed to pick up the upper cabinets for the kitchen this week. Abel says he’s ready to install. That shouldn’t affect me much, as Percy will be doing the driving and such.

The plan is to go to the municipio tomorrow to try to get the proof of residency document. Then begins the process of testing and so on. Fun!

Covering the ceiling
My helpers
Orange when wet
The east and west walls will be red
All the red cut-in done
The beginnings of a closet