Progress on China’s Room

I spent a bit of time yesterday morning uploading the latest Looking Over Life episode. There really wasn’t that much to do besides babysit the internet connection that seemed to keep dropping. Thankfully, it finally went through.

I called Abel, but he said the cabinets weren’t done. He had instead done another job in Cusco last week. Percy and I plan to stop in to see the cabinets this afternoon and to put pressure on Abel again. He promises it will be within a couple days.

The rest of the day I spent painting upstairs. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, and China says she loves the colors. The red is rich and warm while the green is light and fresh.

I have enjoyed designing painting projects in the past, playing with the color wheel and going outside of the traditional one-color approach to a room. This room just makes me smile. Now I want to paint our room!

Now all that’s left is cleaning up and moving a bed and dresser in. Percy had the closet frame mostly done yesterday afternoon, so that might be ready to go in this week, also. Pretty soon, China will have her own space and won’t have to share the office with me.

At one point while painting, I was on the ladder. It was leaned against the wall as it was too tall to open. I’d asked China if it seemed to be sliding out; she didn’t think so. CRASH! Turns out, it was sliding. I came down in a rapid fashion, twisting my knee, smashing my right-most baby toe, jarring my back, and doing something to my neck.

Dane thought that was an awful lot of things to have happened for just falling “only a little ways.” I explained to him that because my hair is turning gray, things hurt worse when I fall. “Ooooh…” was his reply, uncomprehending.

Yesterday was Steph’s and my 151st menseversary. She had the idea of going out for supper, but I was in the middle of painting, so I suggested we make a dessert together. We might get into Cusco on Saturday to find a coffee shop.

We made lava cakes. Steph wished there was more lava, but I thought they were delicious. We made enough for everyone because we’re sweet that way. Anne was astonished that we’d been married over 150 months! She thought we must be ancient to have accomplished that.

More cutting
Ladders are dangerous
Done! 🎉