Progress on the Carnet

Thank you to everyone who has prayed about the carnet. God answered in an unexpected way yesterday.

Percy didn’t show up until around 8:30, which is unusual for him. He told me that his family has been sick with the flu for more than a week, and now he was feeling pretty poorly. He wasn’t planning to work, but he wanted to run in to the pharmacy to get meds. I told him he should take the truck so he wouldn’t have to walk. He looked miserable.

He said he’d be back at 1:00 to take me to see the fiscal of Conchacalla who could help with the document I needed to get the carnet. When he arrived, he was a different person.

He said he’d asked the pharmacist to give him injections. He didn’t know what they were, but he felt great! So, off we went.

We walked through mud through a field to a small house where the man lives who does all this sort of work for the community president. The fiscal said he wasn’t sure which of the documents I might need. I surely didn’t know. He asked if I could call my attorney, which I’d never thought to do until that moment. I called the attorney who had helped us with the carnet in the first place.

He talked with the fiscal about the situation a bit before talking to me again. He said he has everything I need on file at his office in Lima. Amazing! I should have called him as soon as my wallet was stolen, but I never once thought of it.

Percy and I both happily came back. The attorney said that he would start the process immediately. It shouldn’t take long to get a duplicate, he thought. He also can help me get my driver’s license. Wonderful!

Back at home, I worked on changing out receptacles in China’s room before putting the bed together. The fellow at the shop told us the bolts were inside the blanket. Found them! Also, the frame will just have to be a bit too narrow for the mattress as it was the largest they had.

The children helped me make the bed, and China helped me move the dresser and chair in. I put the rug down, and the room is complete! Now she has her little haven all set up.


  • Thank God for the attorney being able to help with the carnet.
  • Pray that God would send another family to live here with us.
  • Pray for Alicia as she is alone at home.
  • Pray for Esmeralda who is afraid to come to church because of Fernando.
  • Pray for Rafael and Elisabet who did not come for Bible study, still.
  • Pray for us as we consider a trip to Huaral.
We parked here and walked up the hill.
Slippety doo dah
Just needing curtains yet