Dehorning and Shopping

The vet arrived yesterday right as we were beginning chores. I had completely forgotten we’d scheduled for him to come to dehorn a few kids.

Dane helped him build a fire to heat the dehorning irons while I helped with chores. Everything was somewhat damp, so it took awhile to finally get the fire going. Once it was nice and hot, I helped hold the goatlings. We did five.

Partway through, Steph sent coffee out for the vet. He was so pleased. He said he hadn’t had coffee since he was last here a couple months ago! He sighed happily after finishing his cup.

The vet asked where my compadre was, but I wasn’t sure who he meant. He clarified by saying my padrino, which didn’t clarify anything in my mind. So, he said it was the man who had the ten children who was here from the States.

Ah, yes! AndrΓ©s. He had met Andrew when we last did dehorning and apparently had an impression made. I told him Andrew’s (who have only eight children) went back to the States. “Why? He belongs here,” he said. “Tell him I said so.” I told him I’d do that. (Andrew’s office was not available for comment.)

The vet has been wanting to buy a goat so he could have his own milk, and he would like a pet. He’s had his eye on one of mine that I told him I was planning to sell with her kids. Barbara is about two weeks from kidding.

We discussed it awhile, and he decided to take her yesterday. If she has a doeling, I plan to buy the kid back. She’s definitely carrying twins. I’ll leave the kid with him until she’s weaned. Dane helped walk Barbara across the fields to the vet’s house.

After lunch, Steph and I went to town to sell bread. Percy did not work here yesterday, so Steph had the privilege of driving me in.

After selling bread, we left the truck in front of Rafael’s store and took a moto downtown to do some shopping. We split the list so we could gain some time. Steph met up with me a couple of times to give me her bags as she filled them.

We didn’t finish up until about 6:00, so I suggested we get pollo a la braza for supper. China hadn’t yet had it, and it has been on our list of things to do. We were leaving Izcuchaca around 6:30.

It made for a later evening, but we were able to get a nice supply of groceries. Steph enjoys being able to get out once in awhile, so I was glad she could go. It’s getting to be about too much for her to do that much walking and carrying stuff.


  • Pray that God would send another family to live here with us.
  • Pray for Alicia as she is alone at home.
  • Pray for Esmeralda who is afraid to come to church because of Fernando.
  • Pray for Rafael and Elisabet who plan to come for Bible study tomorrow or Saturday.
  • Pray for us as we consider a trip to Huaral.
Coaxing the fire to life
Putting her to sleep with a shot
Goodbye, Barb!
My chauffeur
Selling bread
At Victoria’s store
Pollo a la braza
Β‘Que rico!