A Combi Crash

Yesterday after breakfast, I asked Percy to take Steph and me to town so we could sell bread and so Steph could go to hospital for blood work. It was to be one of those quick runs to town.

Oh, well.

We were nearly to town when all traffic came to a stop. A bunch of people ahead of us jumped out of vehicles, so we did, too. There had just been a wreck between a combi and a small truck. The truck had attempted to pass another vehicle but hit the combi head-on.

I walked up to see if anyone was injured, and if I could help. Behold! There was Alicia. She was holding her head. She had been in the front seat when the crash happened and hit her head on the dash or windshield.

As time went on, her head and neck hurt her worse, and she became too wobbly to stand. While I was talking with Alicia, Percy hooked up our truck to the wrecked truck and pulled it out of the way. I then asked the newly arrived police officer if we could take Alicia to the hospital, as she seemed to be showing signs of a concussion.

The officer told us to go ahead, so we headed to the hospital. Alicia’s sister was along. She had a cut on her hand, but she didn’t want help.

I called Walter to let him know what was up. Alicia tried calling her daughter Joanna, but she couldn’t talk clearly, so I took the phone and explained things. Joanna lives in Cusco and said she would come. Walter let me know later he was coming from Curahuasi, too.

Alicia told the doctor she couldn’t remember her information and to just take mine, so I filled out the paperwork for her as they took her vitals and gave her injections for pain. The doctor asked if I was her son, but Alicia told her that I was her brother. That sure confused the doctor!

The doctor prescribed a week’s worth of Aleve and told her to go home and rest. As we were helping Alicia out of the hospital about an hour and a half later, her daughter arrived. The police officer from the scene also came and asked us to come back to the site to get insurance info.

We all drove back to the crash site, but the police there were rather confused about things and wouldn’t give any information. The officer from the hospital did show up a bit later and told us we needed to speak to the young man who had been driving the truck.

The young man was sobbing and begging not to be sued because he had no license. Alicia’s son-in-law took over the talking at that point.

Because Alicia was still very wobbly, they decided to take her to Cusco to get a scan of her head to see if there was anything to be concerned about. They did find a concussion and decided to keep Alicia in Cusco for a few days to take more scans over time to monitor the injury. Alicia is staying with her daughter during the meantime. Walter is at Alicia’s to care for the house and animals.

While all the goings on were going on at the hospital, I had Percy deliver bread to Rafael’s because we’d also brought a pizza they’d ordered, and I knew it would spoil in the sun out in the truck. After we dropped off Alicia with Joanna, we left Steph at the hospital to have her blood work done.

We came back into town and sold the rest of the bread. Percy received a phone call from a friend who wanted to meet him in town a bit later, so we decided to stay. Steph took a combi home.

While we waited, we went to a pharmacy where Percy asked for a shot to help him get over his cold. I got to watch the lady mix up the antibiotic and paracetamol, but they took Percy behind a partition to give him the shot. He said it burned pretty bad. The lady told him to bring his whole family in that evening so that they could all get shots to all improve together.

We got home close to 1:00 in the afternoon. I wasn’t done with medical things as Dane smashed his finger in the front door, and I needed to let the blood out from under his fingernail. Quite the day!

After naps, the children and I went to the vet’s house to see the two new kids. They really enjoyed that. The vet was out on a call, but his sister let us into the barnyard to pet the babies.

Blocked traffic
The wreck
Percy pulling the crashed truck out of the road
Alicia putting water on her head
In the emergency room again
Joanna helping hold up Alicia as they talked to the police
Percy waiting for his shot
Driving up to the road
Walking down to the vet’s house
Barb in her new pen
Meeting Barb’s kids
Dane’s finger