Two Months With China

It was a bit surprising to realize that yesterday marked the second month that China has been here. The time has seemed to fly by for us. It wasn’t exactly dragging before, but our days feel more full somehow.

Steph says she thinks just having another lady to talk to makes the days pass more quickly. We haven’t really done that much in the way of activities, but I’ve also noticed that having another person around makes a difference. Maybe we have only so much time to spread around.

China says it feels like the months have gone by quickly while at the same time it feels like she’s been here forever. “Not in a bad way!” She says it doesn’t feel very foreign here with us.

To celebrate her making it to two months, Steph took her out to get ice cream. They even brought some back for the rest of us! Steph also bought her a container of jello candies with which China is somewhat obsessed. (We had had another container, but it is mysteriously empty now.)

We’ve been blessed to have her here. She’s been a tremendous encouragement and a very practical help. And Steph and I both enjoy the long conversations as well as the short ones each day. We’re looking forward to several more months with her and plan to squeeze out every good moment we can.

Strawberry-oreo and cappuccino
Bedtime celebration
Helping around the house