Still Kicking

Sadly, Steph and China got worse instead of better. I haven’t really seen much change in myself. We are all still very fatigued and clogged up and uncomfortable.

I would compare our current symptoms to the flu, I think. Happily, we do not have nausea. Just overall aching and difficulty breathing and such.

Yesterday, I was able to get some office work done in the morning, but by mid-afternoon, I felt like I had been doing heavy physical work all day. Working together, we are getting the basics around the house done. The children are still able to do their chores around the place, which is a great blessing.

I keep adding to my list as I think of all the things I have not gotten done within the last week. Percy’s family seems to have faced a regression also, so he has not worked at all the past week. They come in the morning to let out the cows before going home.

Interestingly, we’ve had rain pretty well every day for the past couple weeks. This is supposed to be entering into dry season, but we’ve got lots of rain and lots of grass. Hopefully, that will be a blessing for later when we are trying to feed the animals in the dry months.

I can taste salt and sugar now, which is an improvement. I cannot taste flavors yet, and I cannot smell anything at all. So bizarre.

I’ll share some pictures of the garden because it seems to be loving the rain. We have some flowers blooming, the peas are blooming, and the squashes are squashing. The sunflowers are almost ready to open up. The weeds are taking off like crazy, too, but I pretend I cannot see them.

Tallest sunflower
Lettuce needing cut
Corn, about five to six feet tall