I’m Beginning to Taste Again

We’re slowly improving. It is surprising to us how slow it is. We try to do stuff, but it amazes us how we feel so drained all the time. China was saying that walking up to school this morning was enough to about wipe her out. She had to rest and catch her breath just so that she could speak to.teach lessons.

Yesterday morning and this morning I worked in the garden. I wanted to try to put a dent in it this week, if I could. It’s really becoming a jungle out there. I basically worked until I was seeing stars before going in and crashing until lunch. Weeding is not that strenuous of a job.

Also, I can taste salt and sugar and chocolate again! Though, I could only taste the chocolate faintly. I think I am beginning to taste coffee again just a bit, but sometimes I’m not sure. My sniffer is still not functioning at all.

Steph did not seem to get as bad as China or I, but it seems like she’s staying in that lesser yet miserable state. She’s sore still and complains of a constant headache. Maybe mild also equates to more lengthy.

This afternoon, I had the children help me work on cleaning out the goat barn. It should have been done two weeks ago, but I just couldn’t. The vet came by to drop something off and stood several meters away to tell me that I really was not fit to be out. That’s encouraging!

I worked very, very slowly and took many, many breaks. I felt constantly out of breath. But the barn needed cleaning, and I have felt like I’ve got to get out of the house!

With a few hours of work, we got roughly half as much done as we normally might have. But the goats will have one whole section clean to sleep in tonight. No doubt, they will choose the warm, moist piles of manure still in the barn as their beds. They’re goats after all.

Thanks for your continued prayers for our health. We’re resting when we feel we must, but we’re trying to push ourselves to get moving again, too. Poco a poco.

I can taste the sweetness of brownies! And I learned I really like their texture.
Piles of weeds
Dirty knees
Pedro and Nehemias helped us awhile.
I worked on this back section and got it finished! 💪🏽😓 This was about a third done…