The Drying, The Sitch, and the Wardrobe

One of the projects I want to work on next week is building bunk beds for the boys. Walter needs to move upstairs so that Willow can have the small bed downstairs near our room. Currently, the boys are still sleeping on mattresses on the floor, but they’d be too sprawled out with four of them.

But I first needed wood. Percy said he did not want to order wood again because they brought us broken pieces and old boards last time. He wanted to go himself and choose the logs and watch them cut them so they were just how we wanted. I was glad to let him go.

But that means the wood is somewhat wet. He bought mahogany, which is a common and inexpensive wood here. It should be fairly sturdy as it is a harder wood than oak. We put the boards out in the sun for the day.

I haven’t taken allergy medication or Tylenol for over two days now, and by this evening, I was feeling achey and stuffy again. I want to take as little as possible to get by, but I also don’t want to feel yucky, so I caved and took some at supper.

Steph is hardly coughing at all anymore. She was struggling to stay hydrated earlier on because she didn’t feel like drinking water with battling phlegm. That combined with the coughing led to a bout of contractions that had us worried, but things seem to have calmed down again.

She is feeling well enough that she wants to try a trip to Cusco tomorrow. There are a number of things she wants to get for the baby, and she doesn’t want to wait any later. We are down to nine weeks left.

China was feeling much better, but today she had a migraine. She’s struggled with migraines pretty much all her life. Sometimes they just hit. She was up and around again this evening, so she may feel well enough to go with Steph. Lucrecia says she is going because she doesn’t want Steph to carry anything.

I will stay home with the six littles. We will be working on cleaning out some animal pens, and I need to trim all the goats’ hooves. We are about a month or more from when the fifteen or so pregnant does will start kidding, so I want to get them in shape. I’ll also give them wormer and a vitamin booster.

Percy has been working on another wardrobe this week and finished it just today. It went into the boys’ room. They were pretty thrilled to finally have a place to hang their shirts. Percy plans to work on one for the girls next week.

China’s wardrobe is a bit too tall for her angled ceilings, so he will make another shorter wardrobe for her after the girls’ is done, and we will move China’s down to our room.

I’ve been watching my sunflowers, and finally one is opening up. Dane has been begging to pick it, so I told him that we would pick it for Mama tomorrow to surprise her for when she gets back from Cusco. He was so excited that he had to tell someone, so he told Steph!


  • Pray that Javier and I can figure out my carnet process.
  • Pray that we can all feel better after our Covid experience.
  • Pray that other families could come to live here.
  • Pray that Rafael Roca’s foot can be healed.
Rafael delivered the wood.
Our kiln setup
The wardrobe. Shawn delightedly put all his shirts on hangers.
We had a thunderstorm with hail this evening.