Bunk Beds and a Prayer Request

Yesterday I spent the day working on the bunk beds. Percy was in the bodega, too, working on other stuff, but he ended up helping me by planing and saving the boards after I had them cut. Steph worked on sewing baby dresses.

I cut out the three bed boxes and the boards for the uprights on the corners. I managed to finish two boxes and the frame. The boys were delighted to be able to use them last night.

They helped me all day pretty much, handing me boards or nails or tools. It made things go more quickly. I generally enjoy having someone to work with, even if it’s a little person, and this week is a school vacation for them.

We’ve been adjusting our schedule a bit later lately because the weather is turning cold. Last night, it dropped down to 36 degrees F. If we wait until the sun is cutting through the fog, then we know it will be warming up pretty quickly. And once the sun is out, it doesn’t take long at all for us to be shedding our multiple layers of clothes.

Today, I spent most of the day doing office work. Steph decorated a cake for Lucrecia who turned 34 today. They did not invite us to join them for the birthday party, but they did bring us a pile of food, including guinea pig. China turned up her nose at the cuy though I tried to convince her that it tastes better than quinoa.

We are glad to be feeling better and better. Each day seems to bring us a measure more of strength, which is a blessing.

We want to thank you for your continued prayers for us here. I’m sure we couldn’t have made it so far without your support. We recently talked with the GCM board and let them know that we do not see it as sustainable to stay in Peru without other workers here helping us.

We have been planning for a furlough this summer in the States, but we are thinking that if we do not have hope of help by the middle of the year, we will likely cancel our furlough and begin making plans to return to the States semi-permanently.

The GCM board is sympathetic to our situation and agree our circumstances aren’t sustainable. They are working hard to scout for potential workers. As I mentioned before, there are some folks praying about the possibility even now.

We know many of you have been praying, but we ask that you specifically pray that God would send forth workers into His Vineyard. The work truly is great, but the laborers are few. We’d like to be superhuman (maybe?), but we have our limitations. As more time passes, we feel the lack of a local body of believers more and more.

In the meantime, we will keep working as best we can. We love our friends and neighbors and hope to share more about Jesus with them while we have opportunity. Thank you for praying.


  • Pray that Rafael and Elisabet would answer God’s call.
  • Pray that other families could come to live here.
  • Pray that Javier and I can figure out my carnet process.
  • Pray that Rafael Roca’s foot can be healed.
  • Pray that we can all feel better after our Covid experience.
Letting the guinea pig get some sun
We found a toad! Percy was terrified.
Nap time. They all slept in the one finished box.
Lucrecia’s cake