Passing Out Tracts

Yesterday was the first we were able to sell bread in a number of weeks. We decided to try passing out tracts again, something I haven’t done since last year because of all the Covid uncertainty and because of being alone.

But with China here, we decided to try it again. We took Anne along to accompany China. I took one side of the street, and they took the other. It took us about an hour to pass out 1,500 “Luz de Vida” booklets.

People seemed very happy to receive them. A lot of vendors were exclaiming with joy that we were returning. A lady stopped China and was thrilled that Levi’s family was back. Anne was able to mostly explain who they weren’t. The lady was gone before I could cross the street to talk with her.

After we had the three backpacks emptied, we went shopping. Steph had a list a mile long for us. We took it as a challenge to get everything, which we managed with the exception of strawberries and trash bags.

We figured up all we had carried. All the groceries weighed between 45-50 kilos, plus a 45-kilo bag of sugar. Fruit is heavy! Besides that, we had carried in 20 kilos of tracts. That is all around 250 pounds. We were pretty tired afterward.

Today was Earth Day. To celebrate, the children cleaned out the goat barn and added the manure to the compost pile to give back to the earth.

We had the idea to find a greenhouse selling trees to plant just for fun, but we were unsuccessful. We bought ice cream in Compone instead. That wasn’t exactly a direct positive impact on the globe, but we tried.

The mornings are starting near freezing now.
But we soak up the sun later!
Taking a break after shopping
All the stuff
Gathering up future earth