Tracts and Chalupas

Yesterday morning, I finished the third bed box for the bunk beds. I need to add a ladder yet, but it’s finished otherwise. The boys are loving the beds. They all say they feel warmer than with their mattress on the floor. I took a nap in one Friday afternoon, and I was surprised at what a difference it makes.

After I was through with the bed, China, Abbey, and I went into Izcuchaca to sell bread. We took along three more backpacks of tracts. We didn’t count them, but it was a bit more than Wednesday.

The big market across from Rafael and Elisabet’s store was open, so we decided to pass out the tracts there. I didn’t keep track of time, but we were done in very little time. The vendors were happy to see us back. Two people asked me to please come back next week.

After that, we went mattress hunting. I wanted to get some new mattresses for the boys’ beds to have a second layer because what they have is rather thin. We also wanted a few more blankets to keep on the couch as the mornings are rather cold again.

We had success finding some nice blankets at a good price, but we found no small mattresses though we went to every mattress store along the one row. I’ll have to find them in Cusco.

We also found strawberries and some small cacti. The strawberries were to eat. The cacti are to look at. Walter tried biting the cactus, but Aunt China wouldn’t let him. Spoil sport.

We had invited Percy’s for supper. They came almost an hour after we expected them, but they had good reason as the neighbor’s cow was stuck in the ditch, and they all needed to help pull it out.

We made chalupas for supper. Steph made salsa, cheese sauce, and prepared the toppings, China handled the tortilla making, and I fried the chicken fajitas. Percy said it was some of the most delicious food he’s eaten, which made us happy.

They stayed fairly late. It seemed we talked more than we have in the past, with Lucrecia joining in freely. They shared a lot of stories of the difficulties they’ve faced as a couple since becoming believers. They see a lot of those troubles as tests that have helped them closer to the Lord. It was encouraging to hear their stories.

We talked about where things are with us and the uncertainty of the future here. They said they will be praying fervently for help to come. If we leave, they said they would try to leave with us because they’ve never been so happy with an employer before.

Percy said if I would go, I would leave a great hole in him. That was touching. We told them we are likewise praying and that other believers are praying too.

“Estamos en las manos del SeΓ±or,” I told him.”We are in the hands of the Lord.”

“SΓ­ jefe. Y ese es el mejor lugar para estar,” he said.”Yes, boss. And that is the best place to be.”

We got to bed after 11:00, but we were glad for the time we shared.

Filling backpacks with tracts
Selling bread
Lots of blankets!
Chicken fajitas ready to going into the sauce
Fresh sala
La chalupa
The only people picture I have of last evening. The children singing together.