Hooves and Tracts and Visits

Thursday is a foggy memory, but I know I got the majority of the remainder of the goat hooves trimmed. I finished up by doing the bucks last evening. I thought that was the last of them, but the children said I missed one yearling. I’ll need to get that one on Monday.

We have noticed various bugs of varying degrees of pestilence on the farm lately. The children have been getting more and more bitten. The dogs had fleas, the chickens had mites, and Percy thought the cow barn had lice.

So, we got some pesticide for Percy to fumigate the barn and chicken pen. I powdered the dogs with other pesticide, and Steph used the same stuff on the girls’ bed before flipping it. Hopefully, our bug days will be behind us. We’re thankful we’ve seen no lice on the humans.

Friday morning, Shawn and I stuffed tracts again for the afternoon. With there being market at both Inquilpata and Izcuchaca, I decided to take a bit more this time again. I didn’t get an exact count, but it was over 750 Luz de la Vida booklets we stuffed.

China, Anne, and I went in this time, leaving at 11:00. We stopped at Inquilpata first. They had the gates closed and were allowing only 40% capacity but no children. China suggested we just walk around the outside to see if we could give them to folks outside the gates.

When we got around to the back of the market, we found that there were many other stalls out in the field. Apparently, the other 60% of vendors decided to set up down there since they weren’t allowed inside the market walls.

We met a man named Wilfred who wanted to know if we knew Levi. He said he used to bring toasted grains for Levi’s cows, and he would love to come visit us. I gave him my number, and he gave me greetings for Levi.

We handed out more than half of our tracts there before heading to Izcuchaca. It was about 12:30 then, so I asked Rafael’s if we could eat lunch with them. They were thrilled. We passed out our last batch of tracts in the time it took them to get lunch together.

After that, we wanted to do some shopping. Anne thought she was too tired to walk more, so she stayed with Elisabet while China and I grabbed a number of things.

Rafael had said they wouldn’t be able to come this Sunday, but he wanted to know when they could come. I had checked with Steph, and she said to invite them for supper, so I did.

We had a barbecue chicken and a pepperoni pizza. After supper, we had devotions as usual. I read the parable of the sower from Luke; I’m planning to preach about that parable from Matthew tomorrow. Elisabet seemed visibly moved by the reading.

Rafael hadn’t had a haircut since I gave him one in December of last year–and he was kind of looking like it. He asked if I could do it again, so we got to work. Poor fellow, I somehow managed to pinch both of his ears in my scissor handles. I’m not sure if I’ve ever done that before. Rafael told Steph he would pay whatever fee she demands if she will pinch my ears while giving my next haircut.

After brownies and ice cream and coffee, we went up to look at the bunk beds and China’s finished room. They oohed and aahed over them. And then it was past time for them to go and for us to sleep! We were well tired.

Today was the usual Saturday cleaning. Steph did a quick run into town to get chicken, so China organized the minions while I studied. The chicken was for chalupas again. We liked them well enough last week that China thought we should have them again tonight.

I lost a contact lens this evening, so I needed to get another one. While I was at it, I decided to clean my contact case with peroxide to clear away the calcium buildup. I must have still had some peroxide on my finger when I went to put in my contact because my eye suddenly felt like it was on fire. (At least my imagination of the sensation.)

Many tears were shed as I got everything under control again. China assured me that crying is cleansing to the soul… though she had never heard of someone quite that desperate.

Backpacks and bags and bread
Loading up at market
Walking down the lane behind Inquilpata
Giving tracts to the vendors
Lunch at Rafael’s
Rafael and Elisabet having Anne tell them what things are called in Spanish
Taking a moto back to the ferreterΓ­a
Playing with kittens
Improved look! πŸ˜‰