Carnet Update

We’ve been enjoying warm days, getting up into the 80s. That’s a blessed comfort after nights that are now below freezing. The inside temp hasn’t dipped below 50 except for one night recently, but we have colder nights ahead. We are staying under blankets a bit longer in the mornings, and we greet the sun like a dear friend each day.

Javier, the attorney from Lima, has been working on trying to get a duplicate residency card for me, but we ran into trouble. In order to renew the carnet, we need to enter a bunch of information on the government website and submit it for review. However, the website refuses to accept my entry date into Peru.

I know what the date was when we entered Peru, and it is stamped on my passport, but the computer just won’t accept it. Javier suggested trying a day before or after, but that didn’t work. I tried some other dates that I thought could allow for clerical errors, but that didn’t work, either.

Last week, Javier tried reaching someone at the government ministry that could help. It took him several days, but he finally got a hold of the woman in charge, and she gave him directions for how to get her the info she would need to override the system.

Javier did that and submitted it to her office, but we have heard nothing since. We’re hoping for an answer this week.

Meanwhile, Javier was researching a document that would allow me to travel without the carnet and driver’s license while everything is being applied for. We would still like to travel to Huaral, but we’re stuck without some official paperwork that would allow us to travel outside the region and permit me to drive.

So far, no success. But Javier said I should call him every day until we reach a solution. That’s what I’ve been doing. And we’ve been praying about it.

Not having my documents makes life unhandy, but we’re finding ways to work around the issue for the most part, and we try to accept the limitations cheerfully, otherwise.

In other news, my friend Rafael Roca reports that his foot is improving. The doctors believe they’ve narrowed it down to a problem of gout, which is something his family deals with. Seems to be hereditary to a degree. Now that they think they know the problem, they are able to work with it. He’s finally able to walk again for short periods.


  • Pray that our interactions when handing out tracts and the content of the material would lead people to Jesus.
  • Pray that Rafael and Elisabet would answer God’s call.
  • Pray that other families could come to live here.
  • Pray that Javier and I can figure out my carnet process.
  • Pray that Rafael Roca’s foot can be healed.
Bright, sunny days