God Bless Lamar, and God Bless Aunts

This morning while I was having my devotions, I received a message from Lamar. He had received a message from the Lord while he was having his morning coffee and wanted to let me know that the date I needed was from my trip to Honduras last year not my initial entrance into Peru.

Of course it was! I don’t know if I would have ever thought of it, but I’m so grateful that the Lord told Lamar to tell me. I put the info into the website, and it went through without a hitch!

That means my carnet is renewed, and now we simply await my physical card. That will then open up the way for me to deal with the other missing pieces, most importantly my driver’s license.

I talked with Javier yesterday, and he says he discovered we can legally drive to Huaral with the paper I have showing that I was robbed. But he said a grumpy police officer may still cause trouble. He suggests we ask the local police department for a travel paper that says we will be traveling without a physical license. I’m going to try to get that tomorrow.

So, we are planning to plan to travel to Huaral next week, perhaps leaving here on Thursday. We are praying to avoid trips to jail houses along the way. China may drive some of the time, which would remove that risk.

In other news, a package came from my brother’s wife. She had sent it some weeks ago, but it needed to stay in quarantine in Lima for two weeks to be sure it showed no signs of Covid symptoms. Then it was sent to Cusco, and I think it needed to quarantine one week there. Thankfully, it never showed signs of a fever, so we were able to get it yesterday.

Percy took me to Cusco so that I would have no trouble in Poroy. China came along. We left before 2:00. I also wanted to find mattresses for the boys, and Percy took three sacks of potatoes to deliver to a woman whose fields he cares for.

We went to dozens of different mattress stores to find the right size and price. Percy was not happy with the prices. But as it turned out, the very first store we stopped at had had the lowest price. By the time we got back there, it was dark, and she was closed. Another day!

We took over an hour to find the house of the lady who wanted potatoes. Percy had never been there before. With those unloaded, we went to the mall. Rafael had asked me to pick up two space heaters for them, and I needed a couple things in Promart.

After that, we went to Plaza Vea, which was packed with people. We only wanted a few things. We were in line about as long or longer than we were shopping. I’ve never seen it so busy.

Finally, we bought pizza to take home. My Aunt Sue had sent us a gift of money, so we used a bit of it to get a special supper and potato chips!

I offered Percy supper of his choice, and they wanted Chinese, but they wanted to get it from their favorite restaurant in Izcuchaca. We met Lucrecia there shortly after 8:00.

I ran up the street to Rafael’s and delivered the heaters. They said they tried them right away and were delighted. They’ve never owned a heater before.

Back at the truck, we waited for the food from El Chifa. Lucrecia said they were “slow, but slow!” Which means they were very slow. 🙂

We left Izcuchaca at 8:52, leaving us eight minutes until we broke curfew. But we just made it! And Steph and the children were happy to have pizza for a bedtime snack instead of supper.

I am becoming more and more suspicious that Cusco is a pocket alternate reality or transdimensional space that runs on a different rate of time from the rest of the world. More tests will need to be done to confirm.


  • Thank God for progress with the carnet.
  • Pray about a trip to Huaral.
  • Pray that our interactions when handing out tracts and the content of the material would lead people to Jesus.
  • Pray that Rafael and Elisabet would answer God’s call.
  • Pray that other families could come to live here.
  • Pray that Rafael Roca’s foot can be healed.
Many, many lines of people at Plaza Vea.
China gathering up riches, thanks to Aunt Sue.
My chauffeur
The package from Aunt Moni
Clothes for Willow!