Oxes in the Ditches and Sra Cristina

This is the season when animals fall into ditches and wells. The reason is that the grass is so dry without rain, so the animals go hunting for water and make some poor choices.

The lechero asked for help yesterday to help drag a cow out of the upper ditch. Sadly, she had gotten more than her fill of water. They gutted her and left her in the field overnight. The butcher came this morning and hauled the meat away to sell in town. We try not to think about that when we have to buy meat.

This afternoon, another cow had fallen into their well. They were trying to pull her out with a single rope. I brought more rope and the truck, and we managed to pull her out. Thankfully, she survived.

Percy has been pulling water out of the well up at the other house to water the cows in the upper field. We’re letting the cows eat down the field with plans to reseed the field in a few weeks.

Percy has also been sleeping out in the field in a tent made from plastic. There was a threat from someone angry at the lecheros; they said they are planning to steal cows. Percy has slept out in the field the last few nights. He said it wasn’t too cold, but this morning there was heavy frost, so he took my advice to run a wire out to the tent to use for a space heater.

Yesterday, a lady named Cristina called the bookstore in Huaral where the tracts are published. She had been given a tract by China a couple weeks ago, and she was looking for someone to help her learn to know God.

Ernest from Huaral passed the call to me. Cristina seems very desperate. I offered to add her to the WhatsApp group I send my messages to. She was very glad for that. We also plan to schedule a Bible study with her.

She called again today and thanked me for the message and asked if she could please have another tract because she’s read the one she has over and over again. She also wanted to know how to pray because one of the articles said she needs to pray to know God better.

We set up a time to meet with her Wednesday when we go out to pass out tracts again. I have a Bible study booklet that I want to share with her to work through until we get back from Huaral.

Rafael and Elisabet asked if we could start Bible studies again. They had stopped coming on Sundays, so we’re going to try for another day during the week. It would be good if we could study with them and Cristina together. We can be praying about that.

Thank you for praying for the people here. The Spirit is moving in hearts. We’ve been encouraged with the conversations we’ve been having on the streets, and we are excited to have prospects for a regular Bible study.


  • Pray for Cristina.
  • Pray about a trip to Huaral.
  • Pray that our interactions when handing out tracts and the content of the material would lead people to Jesus.
  • Pray that Rafael and Elisabet would answer God’s call.
  • Pray that other families could come to live here.
  • Pray that Rafael Roca’s foot can be healed.
Foggy mornings
They were trying to get her out by whipping her.
Out she came with a tug from the truck!