Mountain Curves and Car Sickness

We left the house this morning three different times before we actually got gone. I told everyone after the third time of trying to leave that if anymore remembered anything they’d forgotten, they were just to keep it a secret to themselves. We saw five o’clock in Compone.

We managed to get an hour into the trip before the first child got sick, then it seemed that it never let up for long all day. There was nothing I could do but drive slowly, so Steph and China had the joy of dealing with buckets and bags.

We stopped mid-morning for a break, a couple hours later for fuel, then again a couple hours after that. I had to stop then because I was feeling pretty groggy. I set a timer for a twenty-minute nap, and I felt great after that.

We stopped again for a late lunch. Steph had brought ham and cheese for sandwiches. While she got things together, I took the children up to the crest of the hill beside us. We were above 14,000 feet of elevation. It was cold but beautiful.

We went a couple more hours before stopping for fuel and a break. We then drove until about 5:00. We stopped in a small town to ask about a room for the night. A couple of fellows told me that I didn’t want to sleep in their town and should go on to Ayacucho, two hours farther.

So, we traveled over two hours of more mountains. I tried to go pretty slowly. We finally arrived in Ayacucho nearly at 8:00. We had been praying to find a room, and God lead us to a nice place with a gated garage and a scary dog to protect the truck as well as a restaurant on the first floor.

I got a room with two beds for us and another room with a single bed for China. We then had a lovely supper and went to bed pretty much as soon as we could get ready.

Another answer to prayer was that we went through six police checks, but they waved us through each time without even talking to us. Except one time, an officer stopped us and told me to keep my headlights on and sent us on our way without asking for any documents. We are so thankful.

Please pray with us about tomorrow. We hope to leave early again. If things go well, we will be in Huaral by tomorrow evening.


  • Pray for Cristina to find God.
  • Pray for Rafael and Elisabet to hunger for truth.
  • Pray for Rafael Roca’s foot pain.
  • Pray for Percy caring for the farm.
  • Pray for the people who received tracts.
  • Pray for us as we travel to Huaral.
Leaving in the morning
Seth’s day was spent in a bucket
Diverted onto dirt roads for about an hour due to road work on the highway
Break time
Waiting for a landslide to be removed
Climbing to the peak
…while Steph made lunch.
Over 14,000 feet
Waiting on cows to get off the highway
Our room