Pizza, Pipes, Preparation, and a Puppy

Rafael’s wanted us to come to their place before we left on our long trip to Huaral. They are rather afraid we will never come back. So, they asked us to come do a refresher lesson on how to make pizza.

We took one crust pre-baked. I taught Rafael how to do the chicken for a barbecue chicken pizza while Steph worked with Elisabet on making the dough for the second pizza.

It was rather crowded in their 8×10 kitchen, but we stayed warm that way, especially with their new oven cranking out the heat. Before we left, they asked us to sing for them. We sang the Easter hymn “Up From the Grave He Arose,” in Spanish of course.

Today, we tried to wrap up lots of loose ends while preparing to leave for Huaral. China, Anne, and I went into Izcuchaca and passed out tracts around 11:30. We also met with Cristina.

She talked for a very long time about her life. I gave her a Bible study booklet to begin with while we’re away, and we talked about how to read the Bible and how to pray. She seems very desperate for God.

Percy worked on fixing pipes today. The pipes up at the pump burst yesterday. I don’t know if it was related to freezing or not. I was extremely grateful that he could handle the repair alone while I did other stuff. And I’m grateful he can care for the farm while I’m away.

The children cleaned out the pig pen. We’ve been needing to clean it out pretty often lately with the six piggies getting pretty big. We hope to sell them in a few weeks.

And my dog Shiloh died. He appeared sick yesterday morning and had bloody stool. I treated him for coccidiosis, but the bleeding got progressively worse. Percy and I think he may have found poison somewhere. Shiloh was such a sweet dog and a good buddy during chores. Steph says it seems all the pretty dogs have to die. We have kind of a motley crew left now.


We plan to leave for Huaral at 4:00 in the morning. The hope is that the children will sleep over the mountain to Curahuasi, which is a very curvy stretch. That could save us the trouble of car sickness.

  • Pray for Cristina to find God.
  • Pray for Rafael and Elisabet to hunger for truth.
  • Pray for Rafael Roca’s foot pain.
  • Pray for Percy caring for the farm.
  • Pray for the people who received tracts.
  • Pray for us as we travel to Huaral.
Frying chicken
Making dough
Eating pizza
Talking with Cristina
Passing out tracts
Those who pass out tracts get an ice cream. 🎉
Packing for Huaral
Farewell, Shiloh. I will miss you.