Slow Service and New Kids

For some reason, I’ve had really poor service here in Huaral, especially in the evenings. And yesterday my phone was dead all afternoon, pretty much. I noticed today that I had pretty good reception after breakfast, so I will try to post a blog tomorrow that’s a bit of a review with some pictures of the past few days.

We’re really enjoying our stay. Getting into homes here and talking with people has been a balm to our spirits.

We are planning to stay yet for this coming Sunday before making our way back to Izcuchaca next week, Lord willing.

I called Percy this morning, and he said we should stay because everything was going well with the goats, and none had kidded yet. But this evening he sent a picture of Alice with a couple new kids. I don’t know if they are bucklings or doelings yet.

So, it looks like the kidding season has arrived. We’re looking forward to that. The children were excited to see the pictures of the kids; it made them a little homesick.

Long-eared babies