Praise and Prayer Requests

We have been blessed beyond measure with our week with the brethren in Huaral. Our cups are full and running over. We are so grateful for how sharing and caring everyone was with us. And thank you to you all for helping make it possible.

I also want to praise the Lord for the miracles we had on the trip over. We were concerned about meeting police officers that wouldn’t be understanding of my document situation. You prayed, and God answered.

We counted more than a dozen police checks in our trip over. Each time the officers were stopping other vehicles, but when we pulled up, they just waved us through! We were thankful the first couple times, but after that, we were rejoicing each time. It certainly seemed like God blessed us with blind officers.

We were stopped only once. The officer came to the window and said, “Turn your lights on for the rest of your trip. Don’t turn them off. Stay safe and have a good trip.” And then he sent us on our way. We found out later that it is the law in this area of the country to have lights on. That officer potentially saved us from trouble–or was he an angel?

We need more angels today. We’re headed home, leaving in just a few moments. The danger of trouble with police is just as real on the way home as here. We hope to arrive home tomorrow night.

Please pray with us again that God would go before us and give us safe passage. And pray for Steph and the children; they had a miserable time over the mountains.

Thank you for your support. We are grateful. And thank you to the brothers at Huaral. They loaded us down with gifts as we were going, too. Β‘Que Dios les bendiga hermanos!

And a special blessing on Simon and Christine and their family for their sacrifice of love for us. We haven’t laughed so hard for so long in maybe ever. Hopefully, you can think of us with fondness the next time you hear someone break out into a hum. What? Carol?!

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