Overnight in Ica

We wondered if it was a bad open that when I tried to start the truck that was parked on the incline of Simon’s drive, the Emergency Brake didn’t hold. Steph had her door hanging open, and it went smashing into the corner of the house, bending the door open extra far and breaking off some cosmetic plastic.

I pulled the truck out, and we observed the damage. It looks like the door is in good functioning condition. Simon screwed the plastic thingy back into the door, and we tried leaving again.

We picked up Weston Slabaugh and anti-nausea medication in Huaral–those two things were not exactly correlative–and headed to Lima for China’s birthday celebration. That is, we went to Taco Bell! Weston had offered to drive me through Lima, given my last traumatic experience, and it gave us another chance to be together before he heads to the States this week.

Taco Bell was very special. To those of you who don’t have an affinity for junk food, I cannot attempt to explain why it was special. But imagine some experience you share with your sibling that brings you both great happiness, and imagine we did that instead.

We then met Percy’s and Lucrecia’s sisters in south Lima. They had contact lenses we needed to pick up for Lucrecia. And also a small bag of things. And a large bag of things. And an even larger bag with two dismembered bicycles.

Thank you for your prayers yesterday. We were again miraculously waved through police checks. Once during the night, two police officers pulled over the car behind us and the one in front of us as we were traveling down the expressway, but we kept on trucking.

We slept in Ica last night. Yesterday was all coastal travel. Today we head into the mountains. Please pray for us–and the police along the way.

A stomach bug was making its round at Huaral just before we left. Everyone was well yesterday, but Dane woke up puking this morning. It is 4:00 a.m., and they’re all in the truck now, so I need to go.

Headed to Lima
The hospedaje in Ica