Bible Study with Cristina

Yesterday felt full to me. I had a sermon to prepare and a Bible study to get ready. Cristina and Rafael’s were planning to come at 4:00. And I had another study assignment that I needed to finish. I was thankful that Friday I had finished up a deadline for the Loaves and Fishes prison ministry magazine.

Times like these make me pray harder for another couple brethren to help carry some of the load here, but we’re so blessed to see God working in people’s hearts. We press on.

Rafael called around midday and said they had just hired a new worker who had walked in that morning, so they were going to train him in instead of coming.

Cristina arrived in good time. I met her at the road, and we walked in. Percy had taken the truck up on the mountain to harvest corn.

We had a good study. Cristina seems interested to learn, but she is largely ignorant of anything to do with the Bible. Be thankful for Sunday school, Bible story books, and family devotions if you had them as a child. This lady has never heard of Moses.

She left about 5:30 with plans to come back next Saturday, Lord willing. We told her if the baby comes, we’ll need some time before we have another study.

She was also planning to come this afternoon for our service, but she called and said there are no combis or taxis, so that’s canceled. Rafael’s were/are planning to come, but he was in Cusco since last night, and he reports there are no busses running. He finally found a taxi after walking awhile, he said. They plan to be here at 6:00 or so.

Please pray for us as we study God’s Word with our friends. I hardly know where to start and stop with Cristina because she has no prior knowledge, so we’re just trying to learn about Jesus and what it means to be His disciple. She has been part of the Catholic church for over forty years, but has never read the Bible. I’m finding that is fairly common.

Also, please pray for Steph and me tomorrow. We plan to leave for Curahuasi around sunrise. We couldn’t get a hold of the midwife, so we’re going in faith that we can be seen.

Mornings are below freezing now, so we’ve been moving pretty slowly at chore time. But I rejoice every afternoon at how warm it gets. Each day begins with hope.


  • Pray that Steph can see the midwife tomorrow.
  • Pray for Cristina as she seeks God.
  • Pray for Rafael and Elisabet that they would be convicted of sin.
  • Pray for my paperwork to come through soon.
  • Pray that God would send more families to help here.
Cristina reading the Bible for one of the first times in her life.
Pizza for the first time since we’re home 😍
Yesterday morning
Yesterday afternoon
Enjoying the sun
Walter in a little dip in the ground