Happy birthday to China!

China said she thought that this would be the year that it wouldn’t rain on her birthday, but amazingly, we had rain pretty well all day! The rain has gotten pretty hard this evening. Strange for dry season.

After school, we decided to go into town to get some veggies for supper. We had planned to pass out tracts in Inquilpata, but the market was supposed to be closed today due to Covid restrictions.

Steph had the idea that I take China to a coffee shop since we had the chance. The lady made us a coffee and a cappuccino, but we had to take it to-go. We sat on a bench in the triangle at the muni downtown and enjoyed the music of blaring horns and the beauty of vehicles trying to barge in front of each other to be the first in the traffic jam.

In the afternoon, I made a latte mocha swirl for China (and an extra couple for Steph and me). That was fun to make though it I made a terrible mess doing so.

Steph and China made egg rolls and stir fry for supper with cake and papaya punch afterward. It was relaxing with just us. China didn’t want to try to entertain Spanish-speaking guests, which would have felt too much like work.

We’re very thankful this lovely lady is here with us. She brings us joy, and we wish her joy in return this coming year. ¡Que Dios te bendiga hermanita!

Steph made her a cake.
Coffee in Izcuchaca
Rainy day
Latte mocha swirl
Because… Coffee!
Relishing the cake
Papaya punch and butter pecan cake