So Far in Curahuasi

Monday we traveled over in the afternoon and got here around 4:00. It was warm! We’ve been enjoying the warm days and nights here so far. We might have trouble getting China to go back with us when we head home. Below-zero temperatures are not her idea of paradise.

Walter and Evita had prepared rooms for us in the little houses that shares a patio with theirs. An Australian missionary lady owns the property, and they are the caretakers. She happens to be in Australia since the pandemic and was glad to allow us to stay here.

The boys are sleeping on the floor in our room; we brought mattresses for them. The girls have their own room in a separate building. The kitchen is also separate. We’re enjoying the space and its layout.

Tuesday Steph and I went to the hospital for her checkup. I was in line doing paperwork and payments for over three hours so we could have a five-minute checkup. All is well. They wanted to be sure we were staying here in Curahuasi. Then we went back to the house.

We had brought some food supplies, but we’ve been walking to town to get fresh fruit and vegetables and milk. It’s only about five minutes to the closest market.

Steph has gone walking to town each day so far. She’s enjoyed getting out more and the exercise is doing her good, too.

The children brought their schoolwork. They set up in the kitchen during the day. I brought some writing and editing work, also. We’ve all managed to stay pretty well occupied.

Walter and Evita asked us to babysit one evening for them so they could go visit a friend. We were glad to do that though their three boys are more than a handful! To keep the youngest from wreaking havoc, I had him help me make supper. He definitely got his fill of hotdogs that way!

The baby shows no signs of coming. This is the way it goes at the end. It is such an apt metaphor for the coming of the Lord. There is evidence that the time must be imminent, but you never know until it happens.

I have been struggling pretty much with being here. It is a blessing in many ways, but I feel a strong pull to be home on the farm, taking care of our responsibilities, passing out tracts, having Bible studies, and so on. It makes me anxious to to be doing nothing, in a sense. And I just want to be home.

Steph and China have been encouraging me to enjoy the blessings of the moment and to make the most of the down time. Once the baby arrives, I’ll have more than enough to keep me busy. I feel grateful for how God has given us just what we need, so I’m trying not to think about what else I could be doing because I think this is what I should be doing.

Thanks to many of you who have been checking in. Steph is eager to have happy news to share with you all. Until then, we exercise patience.

Loaded up and ready to head to Curahuasi
The roads are being worked on around Walter’s, so we had to climb the hills with our stuff.
In one of the lines to pay at the hospital
In the kitchen
Drinking coffee outside our room
The children are enjoying each other.
My little minion snitching hotdogs
Babysitting Walter’s children
My office
Steph on one of her many walks